Changing Platforms…

The World Wide Web, and Web 2.0, where we are all connected and connected within our connections (Facebook to Twitter to Tumblr to WordPress) have made me realise how choosing the appropriate platform to present your views on random subjects can make a change.

An addict to Tumblr, I find it excruciatingly hard to step away from it. As fun as its set-up is, it delivers what it promises and leaves little room for commentary and exchanges in a direct relationship with spontaneous readers (though it is ideal for the “follower” system, which quickly becomes a harmless popularity contest).

Becoming more active in the world of blogging and realising that it just might be the best way to collect my thoughts as well as expressing them to the wider audience (small as it may be), I think it is time to migrate from the world of “fandoms” to the world of writer-blogs. The first few entries, however, will be literal transfers. I shall be posting the few things I found might be better translated onto the WordPress platform (not many, but better some than none).

With this, I leave open to the world my new corner in the Internet. You’re all welcome at any time.